All Slots Casino Free Games

Free gambling is a delight for online gamblers who play online casino games. With the popular roulette and the slots being very popular with its great betting options one has to be aware of the possibilities and know the rules. There are online weekly and monthly tournaments where online casino enthusiasts can trade their expertise and luck in the online platform.

From Roulette to slots, each has got its proponents and enthusiasts who are very particular about their gaming exploits and take pride in playing to win.

Dozens of Slots

There are nice variations of the slots games:

From the three reels to the five reels to progressive, one has to choose between individual pay lines and symbolic variations. So knowing the variations and the rules is imperative to make a quick buck.

Games Rules

The basic rule is the same in slots with the aim to adjust similar symbols in all rows of particular reel. One needs to be aware that only the highest winning reel is paid out in online slot games and one may get a reduced payout for reducing matching symbols.

Choosing the coins is another important decision. The size of the coin and number will affect the ability to bet and the maximum bet that can be placed.

Using the maximum bet option is a good way to increase chances of winning the jackpot. Now spin will kick start the show and one can sit down to enjoy the next few minutes and test out lady luck in a complete casino experience. While at the slots on the online casinos one need to follow the rules and keep the time from for maximum gaming experience.

Play Roulette

Now as roulette is all about the throw of the ball counter-clockwise against a clockwise spinning wheel, slots is about imparting the spin and hoping luck rests on the reels where the bets are placed. One can wager chips in roulette or poker, and the coins are the standard in online casino slot machines.

Wagers are placed on the slots where the ball will ultimately rest, now the wheel in the slot machine is a similar experience. The choice of the variation of online casino is a personal preference, with many settling for a favourite while some prefer to have no special preference and alternate between the slot machine and the other gaming options like video poker and roulette.

Roulette is a popular variation and has the reputation of being a money-spinner!

Predictability is the rarest of feature in online gaming and one needs to go by instinct and some experience, that itself gives the special feeling of winning or losing very unique in playing online casino.

IN roulette one can place the bets on individual numbers or even the borders shared by 2 to 4 numbers! Other betting options in roulette are odd or even, black or red or even high or low.

So that is a lot of options giving a very dynamic and multiple option play in playing online casino roulette games. Different betting options based on the above are-

  • Inside or straight bets-option of 0-36 numbers
  • Split bets- the border area between numbers.
  • Street bet-a three number option
  • Corner bet-a four number options
  • Six number bet-
  • Outside bets-red or black option with 0 making one lose all bets
  • Any even or odd number bets.
  • Column bets- columns of 12 numbers
  • Dozens bet-1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 are the options.
With all these options available, one will have little time and think out of the box to place bets and hope for a tidy return.