Microgaming Live Delivers New Blackjack Product

There is a new Live Dealer Blackjack on tap, thanks to online gaming software giant, Microgaming. This is the closest thing that players can get to while still playing online because everything about this game indicates a real life brick and mortar casino experience. The atmosphere and the realistic setting are true to life, the interface is crystal clear, and everything is in real time...it is nothing shy of amazing. In addition, there are two new features...Bet Behind and Waiting List. These features are very innovative and just add to the gaming experience.

Bet Behind is an added feature that lets other players see what is happening and also allows them to place wagers on those games. Players can bet one one game or even multiple games...there is no limit. This is just another way for players to get in the game, if they so choose. Waiting List is a feature that keeps you abreast of the situation around you...such as when tables open up or when their favorite dealers have arrived and there is a spot at their table. Together, Bet Behind and Waiting List work to make sure that players are on the ball...get what they want...and to indulge in the side games that are loved so much.

Players are able to actually watch the dealing of the cards live! Players love these features and find that they tend to follow better and have confessed to feeling a greater confidence in fairness. Microgaming stands by the fact that they are committed to gaming innovation and offering players an enhanced gaming experience. This is why Microgaming Live Blackjack is as close as you can get to a real live casino. Microgaming's Live streaming games consist of Baccarat and Roulette as well.